Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Woes of MSN

Today's poser involved MSN Explorer.  Not many of our clients use MSN but it was bundled with Qwest DSL for awhile so there are some users out there.  In this case MSN Explorer loaded but displayed only a white screen with no headers or menus. 

I did the usual cleanup routine, downloaded Windows Updates and even ran chkdsk and defrag.  NAV had expired but this didn't seem to be a virus.  Next I checked the installed software.  Viola!  There was Incredimail. 

We don't like Incredimail.  For one thing, it is impossible to move a users saved messages to a new computer.  While it is not usually considered spyware, it does clutter up the computer.  In this case, I began the uninstall process and it immediately went to a website.  Hmmm, MSN Explorer loaded normally!

Next I finished uninstalling stuff, including the expired NAV, and rebooted.  MSN was back to a blank page!

At this point, I am not clear as to what I did next but somehow I got MSN to load a web page.  All of the headings were back.  I then went to the home page selection menu and selected MSN.  I closed everything and reloaded.  Wow!  MSN came back up normally.  Problem fixed.  Wish I knew exactly what I did!